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Get rid of those Wasps - super effective repellent fragrance minerals


After the success with our Get rid of mosquitoes candles and body oil, we now have Get rid of wasps!


Allergic to wasp stings or just don't want them around you? Then the Fragrantly "Get rid of those wasps" fragrance mineral helps keep wasps well away so you can enjoy the lovely summer weather in peace. During the summer months wasps are attracted to sweet smells. Think of a glass of coke, lemonade or a glass of wine or beer on the table. These sweet smells attract wasps quickly and this leads to irritation for many people. It is important that you do not wave your hands at a wasp. This can make them aggressive so the chance of stinging is higher.

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"Get rid of the wasps" works in a very simple way. The fragrance minerals emit a specific repellent scent which wasps do not like. As soon as the wasps smell this scent, they are immediately gone and leave you alone. Fragrantly "Get rid of those wasps" uses 100% natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective against wasps.


"Get rid of those Wasps" scent minerals can be used directly from the can. This way you can take the can at home as well as to other locations such as the beach, amusement parks, BBQs, a restaurant terrace and of course on vacation. You can also heat the fragrance minerals by using an aroma burner. By using heat, the scents are strengthened and the fragrance spreads better,


How much "Get rid of those Wasps" should I use per time with aroma burner?
This is the most optimal way of use and also the most economical.. You can use any burner (including electric). Place 4 teaspoons of fragrances at the top of the aroma burner. Do not add water or oil. Then light a tea light. After about a minute, the fragrance will begin to spread. The scent will continue to give off 4-6 hours depending on the tea light. Humble the minerals around with the included wooden spoon to spread the fragrance more.

How much "Get rid of those Wasps" should I use at a time without an aroma burner?
If you want to use the fragrance minerals without heat then you can choose to put the whole tin on the table with the lid off. With a little ambient wind and warm weather the scent will spread. The scent may run out sooner if you open the whole can. If you want to use the fragrances several times you can also choose to scoop 4 teaspoons and place them on a small dish. Such a small amount is sufficient to put in the middle of a table and repel wasps.


Prevention is better than cure!
If you come to a place (garden, terrace, balcony, amusement park, BBQ, etc) and there are already wasps present, it is important to avoid sweet or sticky surfaces or clean them first. Next, place the fragrance minerals in the aroma burner and turn on. Give the minerals a minute or two to get warm so the scent can begin to spread.


If you are sitting with a large group of people at a large table, then a can is not enough. You really need to use an aroma burner because the scent needs to spread throughout the table. You can use multiple cans but ideally use a slightly larger burner along with more scented minerals.


Wasps are very sensitive to smell. That is why they come to you very quickly. Therefore, prepare yourself well by first putting the scent minerals in a burner. Light the tealight and wait 1 or 2 minutes. In that time the smell will start to spread and this is for wasps at a distance already good to smell so they may come but very quickly leave again.


Why do the fragrance minerals come in two colors?
It is important that you use both colors of fragrance minerals to enhance the effect. In one color there are certain essential substances that enhance the other color. You can feel free to mix the fragrance minerals so that the colors mix, or put both colors separately in the burner, as in the photo above.


Can the fragrance minerals burn?
No. The fragrance minerals do not burn and melt.


Do I need water or oil for the aroma burner?
Also don't. Just put the fragrance minerals in the top of the burner and don't add anything.


Are the fragrance minerals safe for children and/or pets?
Keep young children and pets away from fragrance minerals. The minerals are made with essential oils which can cause irritation and are often toxic to pets. The scent itself is completely safe. Just be sure not to get the fragrance minerals in your eyes or mouths. Use the spoon to scoop the minerals. If a little gets on your hands, just wash and rinse.


What do I do if the smell is gone after 4-6 hours?
You can dispose of the fragrance minerals in the trash after they cool.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roy B.

Zeer tevreden, houd de wespen echt weg en ruikt ook nog eens lekker! Aanrader:-)

sterk spul

Vandaag 2 potjes binnen gekregen. Rook het door de verpakking heen. Heeft een sterke kruidnagelgeur. Heb ik geen problemen mee. Hopelijk de wespen wel. 😁. Mis alleen een houten lepeltje wat zowel in beschrijving als gebruiksaanwijzing beschreven staat.

Maar hoop dat het echt goed gaat werken. Heb nu nog een pruimenboom die de wespen lokt. Maar er vlieger en tig veel. Dus ze komen eens de tuin verder in. Zodra ik de effecten zie zal ik nog een recensie schrijven. 😊


Geen last meer van wespen, zodra m’n theelichtje uit is komen ze weer tevoorschijn! Werkt dus echt!!! Nu ook benieuwd naar de antimuggen artikelen!

Inge C
Anti wasp

Works super well!Finally no more wasps after the granules give off scent after 2 minutes of putting candle under it!


Initially I thought, this is too good to be true. Unfortunately, have to go back on my words. We tried the product and effectively, we were able to eat quietly without having to leave our terrace. Did get a wasp closer but quickly left the terrace. Small downside, we have not seen a wooden spoon. Furthermore, delicious smells