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Get rid of wasps - repellent spray


After the success with our Get rid of mosquitoes candles and body oil, we now have Get rid of wasps in a set of 2 sprays.

Allergic to wasp stings or just don't want them around you? Then the Fragrantly "Away with those wasps" spray will help keep wasps well away so you can enjoy the lovely summer weather in peace. During the summer months wasps are attracted to sweet smells. Think of a glass of coke, lemonade or a glass of wine or beer on the table. These sweet smells attract wasps quickly and this leads to irritation for many people. It is important that you do not wave your hands at a wasp. This can make them aggressive so the chance of stinging is higher.

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The "Get rid of the wasps" spray works in a very simple way. The spray contains the same ingredients as our Away with the Wasps scent minerals and gives off a specific repellent scent which wasps do not like. As quickly as the wasps smell this scent, they are immediately gone and leave you alone. Fragrantly "Get rid of those wasps" uses 100% natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective against wasps. The spray is intended for use on the skin and not on wasps. It is not a pesticide and does not kill the wasps. What it does do is keep the wasps at bay.


How much "Get rid of those Wasps" spray should I use?

Always do a patch test first! In other words, even with plant-based substances, an allergic reaction can occur. Spray a small amount on your skin behind the ear or the inside of your elbow. Wait for it to dry and see if you have a reaction (rash, for example). If you have a reaction, stop using it. 

Start by spraying a few times on your hair and neck. Spread it out on the skin. You should be able to smell the scent well yourself. Then you know the wasps can smell it too. Due to the warm weather, the scent may evaporate a little faster. In this case, you can spray again.

What's all in the Get rid of those wasps spray?
We use only organic ingredients in our Get rid of those Wasps spray. It consists of 4 different essential oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil. In addition, we add vegetable glycerin. The full ingredient list is at the bottom.

Prevention is better than cure!
Wasps are a reason for panic for many people. However, it is better to stay calm, but this is not always easy. Especially if you are allergic to them! Flapping your hands, moving busily or hitting the wasps will only make things worse. What is the best thing to do? The answer is repel and then in a non-toxic and herbal way. We do this by using flower scents which already occur in nature and which wasps avoid.


Wasps are very sensitive to smell. That is why they come to you very quickly. Therefore, prepare yourself well by first putting the scent minerals in a burner. Light the tealight and wait 1 or 2 minutes. In that time the smell will start to spread and this is for wasps at a distance already good to smell so they may come but very quickly leave again.


Is the "Get rid of those Wasps" safe for children and/or pets?
We use fractionated coconut oil, also known as MCT oil as a carrier oil. MCT is a stable spreadable oil with no odor. Allergic reactions can occur with essential oils. Therefore, we recommend doing a patch test on yourself and children first. Essential oils are dangerous to pets. Therefore, do not allow the oil to come into contact with the fur of pets.


Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2,8 cm
Wasp set options

2 x spray bottles, 2 x spray bottles & 1 x fragrance minerals, 2 x spray bottles, 1 x fragrance minerals & 1 x white aroma burner, 2 x spray bottles, 1 x fragrance minerals & 1 x black aroma burner

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Sally Banks
Order fragantly

Super good service. Fast delivery.
I will order again soon.

J. Bruschke
Wasp spray

Instead of two, one was delivered. There has been no response to the email about this and no second one sent.

Monique v Ruiswijk
Away with wasps

Works fine, very strong smell though

Heidi Neubauer
Great stuff

Finally getting rid of the wasps. They fly right past you. Very happy with it.

Marlous Van der sluijs
Not a wasp in sight

Day at the amusement park, well then you know.
Armed with "away wasp" and no hair gel/hairspray/perfume etc etc as a precaution.
We saw them flying but not with us. A wonderful day at the amusement park without the hysterical screaming and running of me and my children.