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Verzorgende en hydraterende Body Oil Lotion Bar - Crisy Peach - Fragrantly
Watermelon Splash Body Oil Lotion Bar - Fragrantly
Guava Sunrise Body Oil Lotion Bar - Fragrantly
Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bar - Hammam Secret - Fragrantly
Crispy Peach Body Oil Lotion Bar - Fragrantly
White Musk Delight Body Oil Lotion Bar - Fragrantly

Nourishing Body Oil Lotion Bar - Various scents


If you haven't already been introduced to super soft skin, let us introduce our Body Oil Lotion Bar right away. The Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bar is pure indulgence for your skin and no one makes them like we do!!! It conditions, soothes, moisturizes and guarantees baby soft skin all day long all over your body. 

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The benefits of Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bar


Very moisturizing
✅ Does not contain water
Economical in use
Contains nourishing oils and vitamin E
Very suitable for dry, sensitive or normal skin types
✅ Prevents itching
✅ Keeps your skin soft all day long
✅ Does not stick and does not leave stains on clothing
✅ Suitable for ezceema, psoriasis or other skin condition where the skin is not allowed to dry out
✅ Vegetable
Vegan (no beeswax)
100% animal test free
Produced in the Netherlands


How to use Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bars.


1 - After showering, on the go or whenever you want!
You can choose to remove the Body Oil Lotion Bar entirely from the aluminum container and place the entire bar on your skin to melt the bar slightly. The Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion bars melt at body temperature. Once the bar has melted slightly, move the bar along part of your body. Put the bar back in the can and smear the melted oil with your hand.

You can also choose to use the included spatula. Swipe a few times on top of the bar with the spatula. Then, place the spatula on your skin and slowly move along your skin to spread the oil bar. Massage in afterwards.


What scent does the body oil lotion bar have?
We have several scents and are always developing new ones. Choose your favorite scent from the list!


How is a Body Oil Lotion Bar different from a body oil or cream lotion?
Creams contain a lot of water and water dehydrates. In the Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bar, we do not use any drop water. This will not dry out your skin. Many body oils are made with oils that do not penetrate through the skin layer. The result is that the skin feels soft for a short time but later feels dry again.
Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bars are made with Mango butter as the main ingredient. Mango butter has a rich source of antioxidants and very good at eliminating skin conditions. Mango butter contains vitamins and minerals. It is also a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, folates, and copper. The abundance of vitamin E and vitamin C in mango butter can help protect your skin from negative environmental influences such as sunlight, pollution, and even blue light from screens.
In addition to mango butter, our is Body Oil Lotion bars are also enriched with Jojoba oil, Fractionated coconut oil, Rapeseed wax, Coconut wax and Vitamin E (Tocopherol). Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is truly a miracle oil. Officially it is more of a wax than an oil and is very similar to your natural oil in your skin. Because of this, Jojoba oil has a balancing effect and this is the reason you can use the Body Oil Lotion bars on your face as well.




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Amalfi Wave, Bergamot Twist, Campa Touch, Champagne Fizz, Coconut Beach, Crispy Peach, Euphoria, Grace, Guava Sunrise, Hammam Secret, Honey Love, Intrepidé, Lady Royale, Lavender Heaven, Majestic, Mango Sensation, Midnight Sparkle, Mystery, Orange Blossom, Rose Garden, Sensual, Watermelon Splash, White Musk Delight, Ylang Ylang Dream

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica Van leeuwen

Super! Smells the whole day and takes care of your skin.

Great fine bar

I was already a mega fan of the mousse they sold of the mango..this one will come back later I'm told..but after trying this peach bar with very hot weather..I'm sold on this one as well..I put it in the fridge with can and all..and after showering the bar just lightly drifted over my body and this one is also downright amazing! I'm going to buy some more of these right away....
Thank you fragantly for your beautiful products ❤️

Silvia Welling

Recently bought these in a package at Woman's Fair! You need very little of it. Gets super soft skin from it and smells great for a long time! Will try the other scents later.