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Natural Mineral Sunscreen - SPF 10 - 40 - Sun Protect UVA & UVB protection


Protect the skin of yourself, your children and loved ones with Fragrantly's Mineral Sunscreen. A soft, creamy cream with a light coconut scent that spreads easily and leaves no white residue. Made with natural ingredients, this natural sunscreen provides optimal protection against UVA and UVA (broad spectrum) radiation.

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Are you still using chemical sunscreen? If so, you may be suffering from a rash, also known as sunburn allergy. Sunburn allergies are common with chemical sunscreens containing ingredients such as avobenzone and oxybenzone, two irritants. In addition, some sunscreens contain nanomaterials that can potentially penetrate the skin layer and be carcinogenic.
Fortunately, there are effective natural sunscreen products available, such as our Mineral Sun Protect with natural UV filters (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide). Both natural ingredients have been proven effective as active ingredients against UVA and UVB radiation and when used as directed, help prevent sunburn and provide good protection from the sun.
"[...] Get allergic reaction to sunscreens and is always puzzling what does not bother. The Fragrantly mineral sunscreen factor 40 is really nice. Protects well against the sun. Fine fragrance and very important is not so greasy and leaves no white haze which other brands do." - Silvia Welling


The many benefits of Mineral Sun Protect

✅ Non-toxic -
Mineral UV filters sit on top of the skin and cannot be absorbed into our bloodstreams.
✅ Not irritating -
Without harmful substances, artificial colors or other by-products, chance of allergic reaction is very low
✅ Naturally effective -
Natural ingredients have been used for centuries. Little extra is needed for sun protection.
✅ Works immediately -
Once you have applied Fragrantly Mineral Sun Protect according to instructions, you can go straight into the sun. The mineral filters act as reflectors and because they do not penetrate the skin the protection is almost immediate.
✅ Contains Zinc Oxide -
An ingredient which is antibacterial and is often used for burns and in udder rash products.
Suitable for sensitive skin
✅ Can be used repeatedly, even over makeup
Water repellent
✅ Very suitable for all skin types including acne or oily skin
✅ Does not stick and does not leave stains on clothing
Vegan (no beeswax)
100% animal test free
Produced in the Netherlands


How to use Mineral Sun Protect
Start by taking small amount with your fingers and spread well on skin to skin. Repeat several times until skin is well covered. Fragrantly Mineral Sun Protect does not use nano substances. Non nano substances have a white appearance which wears off after application.
How often should you lubricate?
More often is better. You can't over-apply but you can easily under-apply. Our advice is to reapply a thin layer every few hours. The mineral sunscreen is economical to use.
Can I apply Fragrantly Mineral Sun Protect to my face?
Yes, this is not a problem at all. You won't get a rash from it.
If I have sunburn allergy, can I use your products?
Sunburn allergy or photoreaction is often caused by the chemicals added to sunscreens. Fragrantly Mineral Sun Protect is 100% natural making the chance of sunburn allergy very unlikely.



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