JOYOUS No. 4 - Tender blooming Jasmine with Loving Sage


  • 15 - 18 burning hours

Fragrantly JOYOUS #4 is meant for those moments when you want to be happy. The scented candle contain 110 gr of wax and has a burn time of 15 to 18 hours.

Ingredients: Everyone longs for the feeling of being happy

Warm and cozy are the sensations that come to mind when you smell Joyous 4. The scent of the Jasmine flower is rich and sensual. It gives a cozy feeling of well-being. The scent of Vanilla creeps in to remind you of the playful childhood days of yesteryear with the subtle sweetness you always loved.

The perfume bath of Sage is warming, offers comfort and protects you. Joyous No. 4 is a particularly fine scented candle that fills any room with pleasure and bliss.

Smell tones

  • Top: Sage
  • Heart: Jasmine
  • Base: Vanilla & Sandalwood

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These scented candles are poison and soot free, burn cleaner and are healthier than traditional kerosene wax candles which are worse for people and the environment. Fragrantly scented candles have 1 or 2 wicks or feature a wooden wick which gives a soft crackling sound.

You can smell the fragrance to the last drop

Relax No.9 belongs to one of the Signature collection of scented candles. Each Signature scented candle is made with more than 8 different fragrances (including essential oils). Such a composition gives not only a wonderful scent in your home but and real perfume experience for your entire home. Our hand-poured candles, with over 10% of perfume oils added, is our guarantee that you will keep smelling the Relax No. 9 scent until the end.

Enjoy yourself or give as a gift!

The Fragrantly scented candle tins are made of brushed aluminum and have a colorful, clean look. Ideal as a gift or a treat for yourself.

User Manual

Fragrantly JOYOUS No.4 contains 110 gr of vegetable wax has a has a sweet-floral scent. and is ideal for fine moments together with friends or family.

Let the candle burn for at least 2 to 3 hours the first time, so that the entire top layer is melted, for even burning. This way the fragrance is best released and spreads wonderfully throughout the room.

You can blow out the scented candle after about 3 hours of burning. The scent will linger for several hours.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3.2 cm

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