Hidden platinum plated AAAA+ zirconia ring


Fragrantly introduces the "Diamond Collection". If you are looking for radiance in as a gift for a love, loved one or for yourself, the Diamon Collection of rings is just what you are looking for.

Diamond Collection scented candles are delicious smelling scented candle with an adjustable or custom (17, 18 & 19) platinum plated ring hidden inside with a 925 S silver ring base. The Diamond Collection rings are surrounded by very high quality zirconia crystals. Go the extra mile and choose Diamond.

Scented scented candle:

Top: Tangerine
Middle: Lavender & Basil
Base: Lily of the Valley 

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A few facts about the Fragrantly Diamond Collection ring in scented candle

  • Diamond Collection rings have a 92.5% real silver base
  • The 925 S silver hallmark. The "S" stands for "Sterling"
  • The stones in the Diamond Collection are the highest quality AAA+ Zirconia crystals.
  • Diamond Collection rings have a platinum plating for extra hardness
  • Zirconia's brilliance is similar to that of natural diamonds
  • Zirconia are also known as synthetic diamonds, just like Swarovskis.
  • Zirconia, like diamonds, are crystals.
  • The hardness of a zirconia scores 8.5 and that of a natural diamond is 10.
  • The score of 8.5 indicates that zirconia crystals are highly resistant to scratches.

- How does Fragrantly Diamond collection of scented candles work?
All you have to do is light the wooden or cotton wick, like a normal scented candle. After a few hours, the wax layer has melted and you can take out the ring. Diamond Collection Rings are stuck with glue to the bottom of the scented candle tin and are wrapped in a non-flammable foil.

- What ring will I/my loved one receive?
It's a surprise that is sure to make you pleasantly surprised. This means you won't know which of the 2 custom rings is in a Diamond Collection scented candle, but if you scroll through the photos, you'll see an overview of the different rings. The adjustable rings are available in vintage filigree setting. See photo above.

- What material is the ring made of?
All rings are made of 92.5% sterling silver as a base and have a platinum plating (gold plated)

- What size are the rings?
The Diamond Collection rings in this collection are available in adjustable (onesize) or you can choose a ring in sizes 17, 18 or 19.


Cushion setting (available in sizes 17 & 18)
The cushion cut setting is one of the most classic and recognizable shapes to date. One of the most special features of the cushion cut setting is how many different ways they can be cut, allowing their appearance to vary greatly. The cushion setting has a square shape with gently rounded corners making it subtly resemble a cushion (hence the name).Especially popular in halo rings and vintage inspired settings, a cushion cut center stone is an elegant choice.


Diamond Collectie geurkaars ring verguld platina in verstelbare maat

Available in adjustable size only

Filigree Vintage style setting (available in adjustable size)
With their delicate, ornate designs and romantic motifs, filigree rings are popular with those who love exquisitely detailed jewelry.

The intricate nature of filigree makes ring look unlike any other. It is the perfect choice for people looking for a striking ring.


Split Shank setting (available in sizes 17, 18 & 19)
One of the easiest ways to customize a love ring is to change the shank - the band of the ring. Although there are many different designs, one of the most popular is the split shank. The band of the ring splits in two on either side of the center stone, leaving an opening. Where the shank splits can create vastly different designs; a larger split gives a ring an antique feel, especially when set with pavé crystals. Meanwhile, a smaller split is a subtle way to make the center stone appear larger.


Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.8 cm

US 7 / NL 17.25 / circumference 54.4 mm, US 8 / NL 18.25 / circumference 57 mm, US 9 / NL 19 / circumference 59.5 mm, Adjustable