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Etherische olien - Eucalyptus - Citroengras - Rozemarijn & Citroen

Aroma diffuser and 4 x 10 ml essential oils


Enjoy up to over 6 hours of Fragrantly Aroma Diffuser including Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Rosemary & Lemon essential oils. The aroma diffuser, with 7 LED colors brings atmosphere, lighting and fragrance experience to any home.

With its neutral wood design, this fragrance diffuser fits effortlessly into any interior. Its compact and timeless form ensures that the fragrance diffuser does not take up any unnecessary space, while at the same time being subtle enough not to stand out too much.

Gentle yet effective nebulizer

The Fragrantly aroma diffuser for essential oils and fragrance oils works quietly and with little noise. This is due to the ultrasonic technology used. The ultrasonic plates produce vibrations and the water with the essential (essentïele) oil, atomized. The aroma diffuser also works as a humidifier of the air, and can also be used without essential oil if desired.

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6 hours of continuous home aromatherapy
A large water tank is not necessarily necessary for optimal scent diffusion. With the Fragrantly Aroma diffuser you will enjoy 6 hours of continuous aromatherapy in your home.

Includes 4 x 10 ml essential oil with dosage pipette

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon (Messina)

Cold diffusion for enhanced aromatherapy
With ultrasonic vibrations you create cold diffusion. Cold diffusion ensures that the natural properties of essential or aroma oils are preserved. When heating essential oils the biological properties can be lost.

Fragrantly Aroma Diffuser Certification
Fragrantly is a specialist in fragrance and lighting experiences. Delivering quality is our number one priority. Therefore, every diffuser component is CE RoHS certified. No cheap materials what many competitors provide, but safe and reliable.

Neutralize - don't mask!
By adding just drops of essential oils into the water tank, you effectively remove unpleasant odors in the room. By using the right Fragrantly essential oils, unpleasant odors are neutralized. Think deep fryer, pet, smoke or other unwanted odors. The volatile oils ensure that unpleasant odors are not masked but really disappear.

Also use as humidifier

Do you suffer from a dry cough or irritated sinuses? Then you can also use this device as a humidifier.

Odor dispersion on timer
The aroma diffuser can spread scent continuously for 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours in rooms up to 25 m2. Using the buttons on the front, you set your own desired diffusion duration.

Auto-stop function
Run out of water, or forgot to turn off the aroma diffuser? No problem, the moment the water reservoir reaches a low water level, the device shuts itself off. The LED lights will remain on.


  • Material: ABS and Polypropylene with wood grain effect
  • BPA free materials
  • Capacity: 120 ml
  • Measuring cup included
  • Autostop function
  • Noise: 30 DB
  • Included: Fragrantly Aroma Diffuser, USB cable, measuring cup, instructions


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