Fragrantly Bruisbal met 925 S zilveren ring
Fragrantly Bruisbal met ring - Sparkle Bomb

Sparkle Bombs - effervescent ball with a hidden 925 S ring


Fragrantly Sparkle Bombs are mega effervescent balls with a 925 silver ring hidden inside. If you're looking for a super pampering gift, these effervescent balls are absolutely perfect!

Everyone enjoys a moment of "me time" in the bath. The Sparkle Bombs from Fragrantly make your bath time even more special. The Fragrantly bath bomb is very large, has a diameter of 8 cm and weighs 250 grams.

In each Fragrantly Sparkle effervescent ball you will also find a special 925 silver ring with beautiful zirconia. An ideal gift for someone else and a super gift for yourself. Fragrantly Sparkle Bombs are nourishing because they are supplemented with very shea butter, soothing almond oil, essential oils and are free from parabens, sulfates and SLS. They are suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

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Sparkle Bombs are effervescent balls that foam and fizz wonderfully. The effervescent balls float and give off different colors in the bath. You will unwind and relax.

So get ready for a wonderful pampering moment with Sparkle Bombs from Fragrantly

Which ring will I receive?

We listened to our customers and because of this we decided to keep the surprise effect in it. This means that you won't know which ring is in a Sparkle Bomb. If you scroll through the pictures, you will see an overview of the different rings. The ring are all of a timeless design and beautiful for everyone!

- What size are the rings?
The Sparkle Rings in this collection are all adjustable (onesize)

What material is the jewelry made of?

All jewelry made of genuine silver (925 sterling silver).

Method of use
Sparkle Bombs are easy to use. Fill your bath cap with warm water. Before you grab the bubble ball, make sure your hands are dry. Carefully step into the bath and place the effervescent ball into the water. Immediately upon contact with water, the bubble ball will begin to fizz, foam and slowly dissolve. The Sparkle Bombs do not only fizz but also create a deliciously thick foam. Your bath will color wonderfully and after a while you will see the colored egg appear. In it is your 925 silver ring surprise.

Scented tones
Lavender, Jasmine, White Linen and Ylang Ylang

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3.2 cm

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A real moment of enjoyment.

The scent is wonderful from the moment it is unwrapped and lingers for a long time. Also the surprise in the ball the ring is very nice and beautiful.