Mega Christmas - Whipped Soap Soufflé, Whipped Scrub & Lotion Bar in gift box


De Fragrantly Mega kerst Whipped Soap Soufflé, Whipped Sugar Scrub & Body oil Lotion Bars mini’s KERST editie is er!! 7 x 30 gram (totaal 210 gram)  7 x 50 gram Whipped Sugar Scrubs potjes (totaal 350 gram) en 7 x Body Lotion bars mini’s (totaal 140 gram) van al onze geheel nieuwe feestelijke kerst geuren zijn er. 21 heerlijk body care producten in een prachtige gouden magneet doos!

De kerst editie geuren zijn als volgt: Honey Love, Majestic, Grace, Intrépide, Champagne Fizz, Lady Royale + a mystery fragrance. So what do these scents smell like? Read below for more information on this.

Transform your shower routine into a boon of nurturing luxury that leaves your skin feeling super clean, soft and invigorated.

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Fragrantly Whipped Soap Soufflé is a whipped soap that cleanses and cares. It cleans your skin in a gentle way, is soft and nourishing.

With Shea butter, Vitamin E and grape seed oil, these superfood ingredients nourish and moisturize naturally.

De voordelen van Fragrantly Whipped Soap Soufflé, Whipped Sugar Scrubs & Lotion Bars


Does not dry out your skin
✅ Retains its thick structure
Gentle on the skin
Contains nourishing oils and vitamin E
✅ Fragrance lasts longer even after rinsing
✅ Makes the skin super soft
✅ Contains no trietanolamine, SLS, parabens or sulfates
✅ Vegetable
✅ Vegan
✅ 100% animal proof free
Produced in the Netherlands


Hoe gebruik je Whipped Soap Souffle, Whipped Sugar Scrub en Body Oil Lotion bars?
Fragrantly Whipped Soap can be used in a variety of ways:


1 - As a face & body wash
Super gentle for face and body! Take a small amount with your fingers. Rub the Whipped Soap into your hands or spread directly on your body and massage into the skin with circular motions. With the addition of water, the Whipped Soap begins to lather so you can enjoy a wonderfully soft wash routine.


2 - As Shave cream
Fragrantly Whipped Soap has a thick but soft texture. When you place the whipped soap directly on your body, it keeps its shape. Only when you mix it with water and rub, does it begin to lather. For shaving your legs, armpits or bikini line, it is super convenient. Whipped Soap has a thick lather for an unmistakably clean result. Whipped Soap is very suitable as a shaving foam because it contains enough moisture and provides a smooth shaving result.


Hoe gebruik je de Fragrantly Whipped Sugar Scrub
The Whipped Sugar Scrub is made for exfoliating (exfoliating) the body and not suitable for face. Ideally, you scrub once a week to remove dead skin and make room for new skin cells. By removing the dead skin cells you stimulate cell renewal making the skin feel tighter,firmer, smoother and soft.


How to use Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bars.

1 - After showering, on the go or whenever you want!
You can choose to remove our Lotion Oil Bar completely from the aluminum container and place the entire bar on your skin to melt the bar slightly. The Fragrantly Body Oil bars begin to melt at body temperature. Once the bar has melted slightly, move the bar along part of your body. Return the bar to the tin and smear the melted oil with your hand.


Fragrantly Body Oil Bars are made with organic Mango butter as the main ingredient.

Mango butter has a rich source of antioxidants and very good in eliminating skin conditions. Mango butter contains vitamins and minerals. It is also a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, folates, and copper. The abundance of vitamin E and vitamin C in mango butter can help protect your skin from negative environmental influences such as sunlight, pollution, and even blue light from screens.


Welke geuren heeft Whipped Soap, Scrub en Body Oil Lotion bar mini’s –  KERST editie?
At Fragrantly, the Christmas minis have the following scents:


LADY ROYALE (whipped soap, scrub & lotion bar) - Jasmine and Rose are the mid-tones of this delicious whipped soap soufflé, but hidden somewhere is a deep warm scent entwined with a light bergamot that refreshes you every day. Lady Royale is a chic and sophisticated fragrance that exudes feminine strength.


HONEY LOVE (whipped soap, scrub & lotion bar) - Our first whipped soap soufflé with vanilla undertones. Together with honeysuckle and pear, you will imagine yourself in a light honey sweet dream - soft, subtle and unmistakable.


CHAMPAGNE FIZZ (whipped, scrub & lotion bar - One bottle of champagne is not the other, but this Champagne Fizz is exactly what a good bottle of champagne should be. Bubbly, fresh, brut, greenish and light. Champagne Fizz is definitely fresh - a pick-me-up for mornings which makes every day feel like New Year's Day!


INTRÉPIDE  (whipped soap, scrub & lotion bar) - In two words "Real perfume." This is perfume for the shower. A deep scent which is still very suitable for daytime or a wonderful shower moment just before a night out.


MAJESTIC (whipped soap, scrub & lotion bar) - We think Majestic has something unisex - for everyone! It is slightly floral but the flowers are not the main notes. There is something of oakmoss present which, despite its role as a bottom note, emerges quite quickly. A hint of lemon you will also recognize plus a whole bunch of other scents. All in all - fantastic!


GRACE (whipped soap, scrub & lotion bar) - Cedarwood is such a nice scent and deserves much more attention than it gets. Despite being a woody scent, you won't notice this much - cedarwood is subtle and soft. Grace has a rich floral scent. This comes from the Frangipani flower which is slightly rosey yet completely different from rose. Graceful and graceful is what Grace in terms of scent makes you feel during every shower!


MYSTERY (whipped soap, scrub & lotion bar) - Our 7th fragrance is a mystery. You discover this while showering. So a super fun surprise!


How is Whipped Soap Soufflé different from normal shower gel/foam?
Whipped Soap Soufflé will change the way you shower and shave. Besides being a fun product to use in the shower, there are many benefits to switching to Fragrantly Whipped Soap. The main one is that it is multifunctional, so it saves space, time and money in the shower instead of having 3 different products. We also put a generous amount of product in our jars and a little will go a long way! These Whipped Soaps last a long time because you only need a very small amount every time you shower, one fingertip is enough.


Fragrantly Whipped Soap potjes zitten ook vol met sheaboter, een ingrediënt dat veel voordelen heeft. Shea Butter not only increases moisture, it also has soothing anti-inflammatory properties that many of our clients with skin conditions love! Shea butter is safe for the most sensitive skin types and is loaded with antioxidants.


In addition to shea butter, our Whipped Soap is also enriched with Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E. Grapeseed oil contributes to the elasticity of your skin and improves its softness. In addition, it ensures that the moisture balance of the skin is balanced. Grapeseed oil helps make more efficient use of vitamin E and vitamin C and protect the skin.


Whipped Soap Soufflé & Scrubs:



Body Oil Lotion Bars:

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