I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY - Secret Message Candle


Surprise the one you love with the Fragrantly Secret Message Candle on Valentine's Day!

As you've come to expect from Fragrantly, hidden beneath the wax layer lies a surprise. In this case, not a jewelry surprise, but instead a secret message with the letters "I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY" that only appears when you light the scented candle.

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How does the Fragrantly Secret Message scented candle work, exactly?
Light the two wicks and wait until the top wax layer begins to melt. After a short time you will see the letters become visible. After about 1 - 2 hours, the entire "I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY" text with pink heart will become visible.

What are the letters made of?
The (letter) beads are made of glass and therefore resistant to heat. We do not use acrylic on plastic beads because of the possible release of toxic substances.

How long does the Fragrantly Secret Message scented candle burn?
Fragrantly scented candles are made of coconut and rapeseed wax and therefore have a burn time of 18 hours.

Are other texts possible?
Yes definitely, you can choose from 4 different texts. See our other Fragrantly products, or you can choose to use a personalized text yourself through our website.

What scent does the Fragrantly Secret Message scented candle have?
We use Rose (for love) and White Linen (fresh scent) and Rosewood as base notes.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3.2 cm

Red Heart, Pink Wax Heart

Text choice

Be Mine, Own Text, Forever Love, I Love You, I Love You To Infinity

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
lynn brunsveld
Not received to date !!!

Too bad because was gift and now paid and not received

Guus R.
Awesome gift

I gifted thw candle for valentines day, it worked out awesome! The smell is nice and it came in a package with two small bottles to keep the letters in after. In the package is also the explanation on how it works, but it also says the secret message on it. So you might wanna get the paper out of the box before you gift is.
Would definitely recommend!

Linda van Duren-Raaijmakers
What a great candle to give someone as a gift.

Especially the surprise element of the text that becomes visible later is great! The candle burns incredibly long and smells great!