Fragrantly Hammam Set met etherische olie en natuurlijk eau de parfum roller
Verzorgende en hydraterende Body Oil Lotion Bar - Crisy Peach - Fragrantly
Hammam Secret Whipped Soap met puff spons
White Musk Delight Body Oil Lotion Bar - Fragrantly
Oil Lotion Bar - Hammam Secret - Fragrantly
Watermelon Splash Body Oil Lotion Bar - Fragrantly

Hammam Secret - pampering set with stand bag OP=OP


After the great success at the Woman's Fair, we are now bringing our Hammam Secret set with canvas beach bag eingually online. Hammam Secret contains a special set of nourishing goodies for a very attractive price! Instead of €39.99 we are selling the set for €20 online (with newsletter discount code).

Buy one for yourself or give as a gift! Prefer not to have a Hammam? Then choose one of the other combinations. OP=OP

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  • Free delivery in the Netherlands
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We call it a Hammam Secret set, but you could also call it an Orange Blossom, White Musk Delight or a Crispy Peach set because these are the scents you can choose from.

What you get for only €20 (with newsletter discount code)

  • 100 gram Whipped Soap Souffle tin (choose from Hammam Secret, Orange Blossom, White Musk Delight, Crispy Peach, Watermelon Splash or Guava Sunrise)
  • 80 grams of Body Oil Lotion Bar (choose from Hammam Secret, Orange Blossom, White Musk Delight, Crispy Peach, Watermelon Splash or Guava Sunrise)
  • 10 ml Entwine natural eau de parfum roller
  • 10 ml Hammam Secret essential oil for aroma burner or electric diffuser (add a few drops to water)
  • Peeling sponge for removing dead skin
  • Fragrantly canvas beach bag

Fragrantly Whipped Soap Soufflé is a whipped soap that cleanses and cares. It cleanses your skin in a gentle way, is soft and nourishing.

With Shea butter, Vitamin E and grapeseed oil, these superfood ingrïedients nourish and moisturize naturally.
The Benefits of Fragrantly Whipped Soap Soufflé

Does not dry out your skin
✅ Retains its thick structure
Gentle on the skin
Contains nourishing oils and vitamin E
✅ Fragrance lasts longer even after rinsing
✅ Multipurpose
✅ Contains no trietanolamine, SLS, parabens or sulfates
✅ Vegetable
✅ Vegan
✅ 100% animal proof free
Produced in the Netherlands


What scents does the new trial set have?
At Fragrantly, we have a variety of Whipped Soap scents.
- White Musk Delight - Floral and deep with middle notes of Jasmine.
Hammam Secret You know it, thermal, spa, sauna but much more delicious. With more than 8 scents this fragrance remains our secret.
Crispy Peach - Slightly sweet but mostly fresh and summery
Orange Blossom - Fruity and Floral, soft and really delicious
Guava Sunrise - Sweet and Tropical
Watermelon Splash - Fresh and fruity


How to use Whipped Soap Souffle.
Fragrantly Whipped Soap can be used in a variety of ways.


1 - As face & body wash
Super gentle for face and body! Take a small amount with your fingers. Rub between your hands or apply directly to your body and massage into the skin using circular motions. With the addition of water, the Whipped Soap begins to foam so you can enjoy a wonderful, soft wash routine.


2 - Like Shave Cream
Fragrantly Whipped Soap has a thick but soft texture. If you place the whipped soap directly on your body it will keep its shape. Only when you mix it with water and rub does it begin to lather. For the shaving of your legs, armpits or bikini line it is super suitable. Whipped Soap has a thick, frothy lather for an undeniably clean result. Whipped Soap is very suitable as a shaving foam because it contains sufficient moisture and provides a smooth shaving result.


The benefits of Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bar

Very moisturizing
✅ Does not contain water
Economical in use
Contains nourishing oils and vitamin E
Very suitable for dry, sensitive or normal skin types
✅ Prevents itching
✅ Keeps your skin soft all day long
✅ Does not stick and does not leave stains on clothing
✅ Suitable for ezceema, psoriasis or other skin condition where the skin is not allowed to dry out
✅ Vegetable
Vegan (no beeswax)
100% animal test free
Produced in the Netherlands


How to use Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion Bars.

1 - After showering, on the go or whenever you want!
You can choose to remove the Body Oil Lotion Bar entirely from the aluminum container and place the entire bar on your skin to melt the bar slightly. The Fragrantly Body Oil Lotion bars melt at body temperature. Once the bar has melted slightly, move the bar along part of your body. Put the bar back in the can and smear the melted oil with your hand.
You can also choose to use the included spatula. Swipe a few times on top of the bar with the spatula. Then, place the spatula on your skin and slowly move along your skin to spread the oil bar. Massage in afterwards.

Additional information

Hammam Set combi

Crispy Peach Whipped Soap & Body Oil Lotion Bar, Guava Sunrise Whipped Soap & Body Oil Lotion Bar, Hammam Secret Whipped Soap & Body Oil Lotion Bar, Orange Blossom Whipped Soap & Body Oil Lotion Bar, Watermelon Splash Whipped Soap & Body Oil Lotion Bar, White Musk Delight Whipped Soap & Body Oil Lotion Bard

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Janke De Jong

What a wonderful fragrance. Very nice on the skin. Scent lasts a long time. Definitely going to order more often but then try a different scent.

Serena van den Berg
No more dry skin!

I really like the products! The crispy peach smells nice and is not too overpowering (no chemical smell). After the whipped soap, my skin already feels better. The lotion bar provides good hydration to my skin and my eczema is virtually gone. The perfume oil smells very nice too!

Hellen Daniels-Halma

My is deliciously soft and that remains the whole day and the smell lingers nicely and not much of it needed


Super fast delivery
Smells great
Super soft for the skin
Only no spatula supplied

Jolanda Klijn

Hammam Secret - pampering set with stand bag OP=OP