Electric aroma burner / Wax melter with 2 x scents - various styles


NEW: Electric aroma burner - now enjoy delicious scents at home without a flame. These aroma burners give days of intense scent experience, are safe to use and diffuse well through both small and large spaces. Comes with 2 x wax melts, wickless candle or scent minerals of your choice!


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Electric aroma burners, also known as wax warmers are a fine way to spread wonderful scents throughout your home. They are easy to use (scent product on top, plug in and turn on) and allow the scent to warm up slowly making the scent spread not only better but much longer. At Fragrantly we not only have the electric aroma burners available but also our own fragrance products in the form of traditional wax melts or wickless candles or our fragrance minerals. With each electric aroma burner we supply 2 x fragrance products of your choice.


How does an electric aroma burner work?
You can use the burner in different ways. You can choose to put the wax melt or scented minerals in the bowl for scent diffusion, or you can choose to use the wickless candles in the aluminum can on top of the electric burner (without the bowl) or in the bowl. The choice is entirely up to you and does not affect the fragrance experience. Some burners have a light. You can see which ones these are in the picture.


What fragrance products are available?

Wickless candles:Yes, you read it right, these are scented candles but with no ribbon and can only be used on an electric aroma burner. Wickless candles are very easy to use and neat. You put the can in the bowl on the burner and turn on. The wax melts at some point and then the scent begins to spread. After you are done with the scent. You turn it off and after several hours the wickless candle hardens again. You pick it up, put the lid on and it's ready for use next time. This way you can try different scents much easier and without any mess without having to take the wax out of the bowl first, like with the wax melts. In terms of scent hours, you definitely get 28 scent hours. It lasts much longer than a normal scented candle or wax melts.


Fragrance minerals: If you are familiar with our way with those wasp or mosquito minerals, then you already have experience with scent minerals. Fragrance minerals are minerals soaked in a perfume or essential oil. You put 3-4 spoons (comes with) of minerals in the bowl and turn on the burner. Scent minerals give an even more intense fragrance experience. The minerals do not melt and look fantastic. When the scent starts to diminish, scoop the to get some more scent out. There is always a little scent left in the minerals after use. You can then choose to throw the away (organic so can be fine , after they have cooled, in the garbage bin with them, or you can use them in the vacuum cleaner). Scent minerals give off a more intense scent but not as long as our wickless candles. Per 2 scoops of scent minerals you get 4-6 scent hours.


Wax melts: These Small cubes made from rapeseed and coconut wax (plant-based, that is). These put in the bowl. You can put as many as you want. The wax cubes (wax melts) give about 4 hours of fragrance per cube. In general, you need 2 cubes. This will give you between 4 - 8 hours of scent. You may also use more and this is recommended if you are in a large room. The wax itself does not disappear but the scent does over time.


What scents can you choose from?
With the Electric aroma burner comes with 2 fragrance products of your choice. We develop new scents with regularity but you can choose from the following:


Pumpkin Spice Latte:  Deliciously sweet and really the smell of autumn. You smell a little cinnamon, a little ginger, a little coffee, hazelnuts and more. Unmistakable when you smell it!
Sandalwood Desire: Inspired from our whipped soap souffle, delicious sandalwood has a warm, deep, sultry scent that everyone loves.
Cosy Caramel Pear: Sticky sweet caramel with a slightly fruity pear makes this fragrance an autumn favorite.
Cherry Berry Dreams: Cherry for the mega sweet scent lovers. A hint of blackcurrant can also be smelled throughout. Nothing else is needed!
Hot Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice-Cream: A favorite with Fragrantly customers. Apple pie is oh so autumnal.
Chocolate Brownie - Think belgian chocolate and the zach chocolate smell of brownies and you're right there. Delicious!


Scents are available in wickless candle, scent minerals and/or wax melt.
Electric aroma burners can be used in any room, including the bedroom!



Electric burners get hot but not nearly as hot as a burner with a flame. Even so, you still need to be careful. Do not leave children alone near the burner to avoid burning.


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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3.2 cm
Base Scent

Cherry Berry Dreams - Wax Melts, Cherry Berry Dreams - Wickless Candle, Chocolate Brownie - Fragrance Minerals, Chocolate Brownie - Wax Melts, Chocolate Brownie - Wickless Candle, Holly Jolly Xmas - Wickless Candle, Hot Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice-Cream - Wax Melts, Hot Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice-Cream - Wickless candle, Intrépide - Scent Minerals, Pumpkin Spice Latte - Wickless Candle, Sandalwood Desire - Scent Minerals, Sandalwood Desire - Wax Melts, Sandalwood Desire - Wickless candle, Winter Spice - Wickless Candle

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