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DIY Skincare pakket Fragrantly
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DIY natural skincare kit XL kit


Have you ever wanted to make your own skincare and skin care products, but you don't know how? We're here to help. With the Fragrantly natural skincare package, you can make 6 different skincare products all by yourself! The package is very comprehensive and complete. You'll receive recipe cards, supplies like tins and bottles, as well as all the ingredients and tools to make everything all by yourself. Make for yourself or make a cozy moment and make them together with friends or family.

With our DIY natural skincare kit, you can make the following (skincare) products:

LOVE YOUR FACE : hydrating sheet masks
GOOD VIBES ONLY : mood booster
SILKY TOUCH : soothing hand balm
LUSCIOUS LIPS : overnight lip mask
GLOWING SKIN : caring facial oil
DREAMLANDS : relaxing pillow spray

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The benefits of making your own skin care products:

⁃ You know exactly what you are putting on your skin

⁃ Whole and 100% natural product

⁃ 6 different products to use yourself or give as gifts

⁃ Easy to learn


So what's in the Fragrantly natural skincare kit?

⁃ 6 natural skincare recipe cards

⁃ Labels for all products


Ingredients (supplied in kit)

⁃ 100 grams of organic Shea butter

⁃ 10 x 10 ml bottles 100% pure essential oils
(Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, Grapefruit & Peppermint)

⁃ 1 x 50 ml Rosewater (hydrolate)

⁃ 1 x 30 ml Aloe Vera gel

⁃ 1 x 30 ml Apricot kernel oil

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Fractionated coconut oil

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Hibiscus Extract

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Castor oil

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Soybean oil

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Wheat Germ Oil

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Avocado oil

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Moringa oil

⁃ 1 x 10 ml Emulsifier

⁃ 1 x 5 gr Candelilla wax

⁃ 1 x 5 gr of clay


Tools (supplied in kit)

⁃ 3 x 100 ml aluminum cans

⁃ 2 x sheet masks

⁃ 2 x aluminum stand-up pouches

⁃ 2 x 10 ml roller bottles

⁃ 1 x 10 ml spray bottles with nebulizer

⁃ 1 x 100 ml aluminum bottle with nebulizer

⁃ 1 x pipette

⁃ 1 x small funnel

⁃ 1 x 100 ml measuring cup


What you yourself need.

We have put together the skincare kit so that you don't need anything more in terms of ingredients. However, you do need a stove, a small pan and a bowl or plate for melting some of the ingredients at home. All ingredients are weighed and matched. Some recipe cards contain enough ingredients for 2 times making and remaining essential oils can be used for diffuser, burner or bath.

Customer Reviews

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skincare pakket

Het meest geniale cadeautje!!!

Delicious package!

Just received my first order from fragantly (DIY package skincare) and really very happy with what all is in it! Great products, and plenty of content. I immediately made, together with my adolescent son, the mood booster, smells great, now let's hope it does the adolescent brain good😂
Super cute package, well worth the money!