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Fragrantly presents "Crystal" scented candles. A lovely, soft, floral smelling scented candle with real rose quartz gemstones hidden inside. Fragrantly gemstone scented candles contain 100 gr of vegetable wax and have a burn time of 18 hours. 

Create more harmony in your home

Fragrantly Crystal scented candles bring positive energy to your environment. Each gemstone has its own energy and effect. This is due to the natural vibrations that the gemstones have. For example, depending on the gemstone, a Fragrantly Crystal scented candle can be used to balance emotions, reduce pain and sadness or give powerful energy itself. It is therefore important that you use your gut when choosing the right Crystal scented candle.

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Would you prefer a Fragrantly Crystal scented candle based on how it works? Then read the info below....

The effect of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart. With a light pink color, this gemstone is suitable for healing emotional and mental pain. If you are someone who is looking for love for yourself or for another person, rose quartz can definitely help you. Rose quartz has a particularly beautiful and elegant feminine energy. It gives you strength in a subtle and loving way and allows you to (re)gain confidence in yourself.

Rose quartz is also associated with the constellation bull.

Warm, soft and slightly sweet without leaving a syrupy scent. Bergamot if light and citrusy and together with Honeysuckle the citrus scent is made floral. The combination with Eucalyptus gives a warming scent that leaves you feeling velvety. This wonderful fragrance warms you up and exudes confidence, compassion and love.

Fragrantly Crystals scented candle:

  • Top: Bergamot
  • Heart: Honeysuckle
  • Base: Eucalyptus

Some facts about the Fragrantly Crystal Scented Candles

  • Crystals are formed naturally through crystallization
  • Gemstones are used within the altenative medicine to heal
  • All gemstones vibrate at high frequencies and have a different effect
  • For each sign of the zodiac there is a matching gemstone
  • Fragrantly Crystal Scented Candles are 100% vegetable made from rapeseed & coconut wax

- How does Fragrantly Crystal Scented Candles work?
To experience the energy of the gemstones, you only need to light the wooden or cotton wick, as with a regular scented candle. After a few hours, the wax layer has melted. As the scented candle burns, the energy of the gemstone is also released. Gemstones can withstand heat well and are safe to use in scented candles.

- How many gems do I get?
Gemstones are beautiful little stones and can be kept with you (in your pocket, purse, wallet) or you can find a place in your home to put the gemstones. We always supply a minimum of 2 medium sized gemstones per scented candle but also include a handful of gemstone chunks.

How do I remove the gemstone?
As soon as the wax layer is completely melted all around, you may choose to remove the gemstone with the included wooden spoon. You may also leave the gemstones in the scented candle and remove them after the scented candle has been used. Do whatever feels right.

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