Luxury scented candle with 18K gold plating ring


The Fragrantly Gold Collection is a lovely smelling scented candle with an 18k gold plated (925 silver base) vintage style ring hidden inside. Fragrantly scented candles contain 110 gr of organic wax and have a burn time of 18 hours. If you are looking for an original and unforgettable gift then this special scented candle is just what you are looking for!

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Fragrantly's scented candles are luxury gift bags with a special surprise!

Fragrantly rings are of high quality and therefore suitable as engagement or promise rings, but can also be given as a pure token of affection, appreciation and love.

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DEZE RINGEN ZIJN BESCHIKAAR IN MATEN 16,5, & 17,25 Maak je keuze bij het bestellen.

Fragrantly Gold Collection scented candle and rings

There are 3 different vintage ring styles available in the Gold Collection scented candles. These are as follows:

Undoubtedly, the real appeal of a trellis ring setting, aside from its ability to secure your zirconia crystal for generations to come, is that it adds a stylish charm to the sides of your ring. As a wearer, you may not see the sides of the ring very often, but other people do. The trellis detailing provides more angles for the metal to reflect its brilliance, while the pavilion of the zirconia is visible and shows off its brilliance.

Triple claw
Claws maximize the exposure of the diamond, so more light will reach the stone, resulting in greater fire and brilliance. Because the claws are higher than the band, they can often make the gemstone appear slightly larger than it is. Claws give an elegant, timeless, traditional look.

A basket setting is sort of like a prong setting, but with a slight difference. Four or six prongs rise up from the base of the metal band to hold the stone, but then more horizontal prongs are added to create a "basket" shape, further enhancing the overall setting and also adding an extra element to the design. A basket setting still allows a large amount of light to pass through, but makes the teeth just that little bit stronger, so they last longer.

A few facts about the Fragrantly Gold Collection rings

- All Fragrantly Gold Collection rings are made of 92.5% genuine silver
- The gold layer is 18k gold plating
- Fragrantly Sparkle Rings have 925 S silver hallmark. The "S" stands for "Sterling"
- The stones are Zirconia crystals.
- Zirconia's brilliance is similar to that of natural diamonds
- Zirconias are also known as synthetic diamonds, as are Swarovskis.
- Zirconias, like diamonds, are crystals.
- The hardness of a zirconia scores 8.5 and that of a natural diamond is 10.
- The score of 8.5 indicates that zirconia crystals are highly resistant to scratches.

- How does Fragrantly Gold collection of scented candles work?
All you have to do is light the wooden or cotton wick, like a normal scented candle. After a few hours, the wax layer has melted (all the way to the side) and you can take out the ring. Fragrantly rings are stuck with glue to the bottom of the scented candle tin and are wrapped in non-flammable foil.

- What ring will I/my loved one receive?
It is, of course, a surprise! This means you won't know which of the 3 rings is in a Gold Collection but if you scroll through the photos, you will see an overview of the different rings. All Fragrantly rings are timeless design and beautiful for everyone!

- What material is the ring made of?
All rings are made of 92.5% sterling silver.

- What size are the rings?
De Gold collectie in deze collectie zijn beschikbaar in maat 16,5, en 17,25

Fragrantly scented candles with 18k gold plating rings
Hidden under the vegetable wax layer is in fact a special ring. Which ring strikes your loved one remains a surprise, but they will certainly be pleased with what they receive. Maybe the ring is for yourself. Also super nice to treat yourself with a beautiful gift!

Check out the photos and description below to see what kind of ring are in Fragrantly Sparkle scented candle.

Scented candle ingredients: Autumnal and soft

Slightly sweet, woody and fresh at the same time. This fragrance was developed specifically for the Gold collection rings. The scent reminds you of a forest walk where you step over wet leaves while smelling the scent of the floral, sweet tree sap.

Scented scented candle:

Top: Peach
Heart: Lime Blossom
Base: Sandalwood (Sandalhout)

Additional information

Ring size

16,5, 17, 18